Can any one explain what this error is


Seems your issue is related with TN global issue which occured in last November affecting all customers. WM posted fixes for different IS can download it from .

Please make sure that these fixes if already installed on your WM environment.



To fix this problem you have to install following fixes

TNC_6-1_Fix13 and TNS_6-1_Fix15.

We faced the same problem after installing the above fixes … it has been resolved.

Let me if you need further info on this.


Thank you RMG and Reddy .Can you please explain in detail how to fix this problem.can you please give me links to the articles regarding this issue.Thanks in advance


Those fixes zip files will have the release notes about how to install procedure,it is straight forwared.If you dont have enough privileges on your servers make your admins involve.


Thank you RMG

i think ur working in WM 6.1 and u have to add jar files i mean to say fixes these fixes u will find in avantages.webmethods , ok try with these u will find solution

Thank you Muneer.Is there a way where we can send the document we received in TN to Broker.?