Why every times i shutdown my pc (and so tamino dbs) the file hosts was cancelled from the direcory C:\winnt\system32\driver\etc?
Is there a reason to this?


What do mean by “cancelled”? As far as I know Tamino and its subproducts do not touch the ‘hosts’ file at all except when Tamino is installed.

When i shutdown my pc, i stop all my Dbs i exit from Software AG System Management Hub.
Next time the file hosts is desappeared in the true meaning of word. Infact if i try to restart my db the following error occured
failed to create XST…gethostbyname failed…
and so i need to copy the hosts file in the directoty etc.
What’s wrong?

As I mentioned previously Tamino does not touch the hosts file in this way, and it sounds like you may have something on your PC that does.

Thanks,Stuart but i don’t know how to resolve this problem.
Thanks anyway, i have a possessed pc.