Business Logic

Hello all,

I have just started to learn webmethods. Trying to learn webmethods architecture and business logic behind it.

Lets say, If I do get a requirement like do a http post then tn receive then kick off another service from there to broker and again to database. Then how do we go about it? what is the approach behind it? what is the business logic behind it?

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Hi Srini,

Thanks for the info. That is what I am looking for. I will look at the documents to go further. But also can you please tell me how to write a simple flow service (which gets invoked if any of the partners posts a document)

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When the partner posts document say XML via http/https trasnport basically you can give url http://localhost:5555/invoke/ (TN gateway service).

If your partner posts to a custom gateway flow service then the service input should be node(object)and the flow steps will be
pub.schema:validate(if you want to perform any schema/data validation)
XMLNodeToDocument(parses the XML document to IDATA structure for doing mapping)
Do Mapping to target format(canonical or EDI or FF)

As said please go thru the WM IS/Developer/TN documentation it helps lot…