Building Acknowledgement for EDI IDOC Files

Here is the business scenario:

Normally, we receive hundreds of EDI IDOC documents per day from a vendor that does the mapping and translation of EDI data into IDOC data for processing in our SAP system. We have a new requirement to develop an acknowledgement process needs to be built to send a response back to the vendor acknowledging when each individual IDOC was received successfully and processed fine in our SAP system (in order to have the vendor the necessary information to know when an IDOC needs to be retransmitted at the time of failure). Currently, we are using webMethods 7.1.2 environment and I am new to the webMethods (particularly, with the Trading Networks).

I have few queries as follows:

  1. Is it possible to develop an acknowledgement process for IDOC processing (through TN).
  2. Is there any related articles and documents that I can refer too (since I am new in this case).

Really appreciate, if you can provide hints, suggestions and guidence on working with this new process in this case. Thanks for your help in advance.

Wishing you a very Happy new year - 2010 to all of you…