Help needed in EDI

HI ,

   I am new to the EDI, my project is converting the EDI format to xml format. Can anybody tell me what the process is. 

   my requirment is, I have to take the data from the VAN and send to TN.for that i used the getFromVan service in VAN folder through this service iam sending the edi to trading network. 
   I have created the schema for 850 and document using the EDI from Integration server. My problem is wheather to use sandered processing or non-satandardprocessing.  

Please help me. Thansk in advance.


tell me whether the document got through the TN.if so,
first create the profiles for the sender and receiver in TN.create processing rule and invoke a flow service which you can specify from the Actions tab of the processing rule.and in the flow service,you will have edidata in the pipeline,invoke the following services from within the flow service :
1.convertToValues(map the edidata in the pipeline to edidata in the input to the service and in the EDIFFSchema,give EDIFFSchema.X12.V4010:T850)
2.documentToXmlString.(map EDIValues which is the output from the COnvertToValues to document in the input to documentToXmlString)


Hi Ramesh,

 Thanks for the response. Do we have to create a external IDs for the EDI 850. If so how does that effect the application. 

 I plan to use a functional akw. then tell me what the process to use the automatic functional akw.  

Thanks in advance.


After you receive the inbound EDI 850 from your external partner then using the same edidata variable in the pipeline first step will be use the generateFA service located in the WmEDI package and create the functionalAck (outbound 997)by specifying the required inputs in that service and route it back to TN using routeXML or tn:receive service.TN will then process this 997 document back to Partner and put it in the VAN publicqueue.



This i can do with the developer. My question is what if i use the EDITPA. in EDITPA we have the option to use the EDITPA fieldd  (automaticfunctionalASK as yes). Then what will happen. 

even for this are we have to use the ask service. 


Yes you can use EDITPA option also for automatic ACK,also in the Inbound EDI 850 they should specify in ISA14 element whether they need ACK or not
If ISA14=0 indicates (No ACK) ISA14=1 (Request for ACK).



IF i use the EDITPA for the automatic ACK, Do i need to create a ack service.  

if yes tell me how it takes the values from EDITPA. 



AFAIK, by enabling FAGeneration/automaticACK,you will only be generating an FA.but still you need to submit it to TN for further processing or delivering.i think you will have to generate it from the flow service by invoking generateFA and then route it to TN as RMG has suggested.


Hi ramesh,

    Thanks for the information. i will create the functional ack in my service after envelopProcess service. If any thing else i will contact you thanks again.


When u use the EDITPA variable automaticAck for FA generation, there is no need of explicit generateFA service to be used in ur inbound processing. EDI Module automatically (internally) generates FA for ur inbound doc. Even u can set the level of FA to be generated for u`r inbound EDI doc i.e. Interchange level / Group level / Segment level / Element level.

For more info read EDI module Users Guide which will give u more idea on this.


Hi Viswanathan,

     I think you havent read the EDI for TN. IF you use the EDI with TN then you have to use the EDITPA. further details please check the EDI with TN in EDI documentation guide.