Building a User Define Report Templates

Hi Experts,

Recently I started learning and exploring on Centrasite.

As per requirement, we have to modify the Predefined Report Templates (Top Ten Services) and define it for the objects (organizations) created on CentraSite Registry & Repository.

The report templates are based on Eclipse BIRT and If I want to create a Report templates using Software AG Designer . I read the SAG documents mentioned that It requires CentraSite Eclipse Plugins and BIRT plugins to create a Report templates on SAG Designer.
Can you please suggest me that where do I find these plugins ? will it be downloaded from Empower?
and where do I deploy these plugins on Software AG Designer, Please suggest me the path details to deploy the plugins.

This is the show stopper for me . Kindly provide your suggestions and it would be helps to complete the task.

Thanks & Regards,

If you have SAG Designer I assume you have access to Empower for Software Download?

Thus following procedure:

  • Start SAG installer and connect to empower / software download center
  • In the product tree expand Designer>SOA Governance and select both plugins CentraSite and CentraSite Reporting

That should do it


Hi Daniel ,

Thank you for Information.

I was able to modify the predefined Report templates and also I recreated the Report Templates against the objects / Assets which is created on CentraSite Registry.

Thanks & Regards,