Is it possible to connect Centrasite with integration server


Is it possible to connect centrasite 8.0(SP4) with webMethods 8.0 Integration server and retrieve data, that is whenever a package is removed/added from the integration server , will it be reflected in centrasite ?

Anusha Srinivasan

Hi Anusha,

the integration between CentraSite and IS goes via the Designer/Developer. After you have configured the Metadata connection from IS to CentraSite you can publish and retract IS packages from the tools directly to CentraSite. When you use webMethods BPM or CAF, you can also see in the impact analysis which IS services are used in workflows or web applications.

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I have completed the meta data configuration in IS and also defined the configuration parameters in mediator for centrasite.
Now from the designer, when i right click on the package i do not find any option like publish to centrasite.

So can any one say on how to publish packages and services from Designer(version 8)

In 8.0 you must select the root node of the package explorer to get the publish/retract.

You also need to provide the CentraSite connection details in the Preferences for respective CentraSite connection.

This will be triggered when you select the IS Server node in the Package Navigator->Metadata->Publish.


Hi ,
When i try to define the centrasite connection details in designer ,

window–>preferences–>Centrasite–>Connections. Add the the centrasite Details

Name: CentraSite

and test am getting connection timed out error.

Note : we have already defined the Integration connection details successfully in designer.

Can one help me on this?

Anusha Srinivasan

Hi Anusha,

The timeout error occurs if you have a proxy server set. If its an issue with the proxy,set the valid details in Window-Preferences-General-Network Connections. Select Active Provider as Manual and provide the details for HTTP connection.
Restart the IS and Service Development perspective. After this step try again to establish the connection.

If CentraSite, IS and Designer installed on single machine, then it could be another issue.


Afternoon Anusha Ma’am,

I am a newbie to CentraSite and I’m working for SOA Governance. I have successfully installed web Methods and CentraSite on my machine and have created some sample services in the developer. But right now, I’m not able to deploy the services from the developer to CentraSite.

I read your posts and I suppose you also faced similar issues. Could you please help me out with the same. I could not configure the metadata configurations in my system.

Also, if you don’t mind could I please have your email address or your official phone number.

Thank you.


  • siddhant.

The CentraSite installation procedure includes an option to install the Software AG Designer component, which is an Eclipse installation tailored for CentraSite. However this Eclipse plug-ins required to connect to Designer IDE is to be installed. I hope you have done that already.

In the getting started guide for Centrasite, there is a section for “Setting Up the Eclipse Plug-Ins”. Please follow to check if your set up is ready.