What can I use to develop report templates

The Centrasite CE comes with report templates for Default Organization, what can I do the change this, or if I need to develop new report template, how do I go about this.


what do you want to achieve? Point the report to a different organization or customize the content of the report? The reports are based on Eclipse BIRT so you can use the Software AG Designer with CentraSite Eclipse Plugins + BIRT plugins to modify or enhance the reports.


Hi Daniel,

  1. Do we need to install the BIRT engine on Host Machine for generating a reports for different organizations?
  2. Can you please suggest the plugins for CentraSite and BIRT details ?

By default the report templates are associated with Default organization only. could you please suggest me that how to generate a reports for assets ( Virtual Services, Organizations)which is created on CentraSite.
Please help on this