Our current situation:
We are currently generating reports in our application with ActiveReports for .Net. Reports are generated on selected records. The user has the possibility to select the output format (xls, rtf, pdf) and the type of report. The systems does than the necessary queries to tamino. The result XML is than used as datasource for the report genaration in ActiveReports. The whole process is done on the fly by the webapplication and the generated report is directly streamed to the user.

With this solution we encounter problems for large reports (ex: report over whole dataset). With ActiveReports we get frequently out of memory during the report generation. Thats why we are now reviewing the whole reporting procedure in our application.

In fact there is no problem with tamino here, the queries are executed correctly.

I’m just searching arround to find a better solution for this. Did anybody encounter same problems as we did?

What third party products are you using for the report generation?
What is the best configuration (dedicated server for the reports, replication database for reports only, …)?

Any suggestion for how to handle reports would be much appreciated