Does tamino has any business intelligence solution?

My project need a report tools supported by tamino, who can give me some recommendation?

Hello Steve,
a general purpose solution would be to use Crystal Report 10 (now Business Objects). I attached you a little document that describes how to set it up to run with Tamino 4.1 and 4.2.

Furthermore, I know about two reporting tools from SPL Software and another reporting component our spanish colleagues offer their customers as part of professional services projects. Thhe latter (XML Mart), however, is definitely not an out of the box solution.
If you are interested in the first SPL solution I suggest you contact Mr David Geffen of SPL Software (-> ). He may probably be able to help you right away. The other SPL tool is named “Report Master”. Please contact Mr. Yossi Rodrick (-> ) and check what he can offer you.

Probably you also check with a company called Panscopic (US). They once also had an integration with Tamino but I am not sure about its staus and whether they will directly sell their tool to consumers.

Other than this, I am currently not aware of any other off-the-shelf reporting tool that integrates with Tamino. Until recently, reporting tool vendors were rather reluctant to building their tool upon a native XML database. However, I think that this situation is about to change these days as xml data exchange and xml storage has exploded.

I hope this helps. Good luck and lots of success

-= FJ =-
XMLReportingCrystal.pdf (1.03 MB)