How to Create a new Report based on the Asset Catalog Report?


How can i create or change the Asset Catalog Report so that it has the following extra style value?

td[name=“Description”] { white-space: pre; font-family: monospace; }

This preserves the fixed format comment I have in the Integration Server’s service comments.

Thank you.

Hi Gerardo,

do you refer to one of the predefined BIRT reports or to the simple HTML type ‘view as report’ in CentraSite Control?


The “Save Report” in the Asset Catalog screen:

Asset Catalog Report.png

How to create Report templates for User defined Organizations on CentraSite ?


I had created the assets ( Organizations and Virtual services) on CentraSite Controller(Version 9. .

As per requirement , we have to generate a Report template (Top Ten Consumers, SLA Violations, Run-time Asset Usage) for user defined organizations and Virtual Assets . But By default all the report templates associated with Default organization only. Could you please guide me that how to define the Report templates for assets which is created on Centrasite Registry . Please suggest me and it is a show stopper for me.

Could you please help on this.

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From the Organizations list, right click on the organization, select Generate Report from the context menu and select the report you want. The report will run for the organization you have selected.

Hi Kelly,

Thank you for immediate reply . Please suggest your Inputs for below concerns.

I right clicked on the organization and select the report from the Menu , while I was trying to generate a report for Top Ten Consumers template and Provide the organization key as a Input at run time But I have been getting the result as a blank only. User is having all the required permission to view and generate report. Could you please suggest me If I missed any thing.

one more concern is about to centraSite Controller(Report Templates) , can we define and create a Report template for user defined organizations . How can we define it , can you please guide me.

Do we need to change the uddi keys for Built- In reports (Top Ten Consumers), incase if we want to define a Top Ten Consumers Report template specific to XYZ organization . By default all the report templates are associated with Default organization.

Can you please suggest me that How can we create Top Ten Consumers report template against the Organizations(example XYZ organization)

Thank you In advance

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