Auto resumission for MWS Services

Hi All ,

I want to impliment the Auto resubmission Code for failed flow Services which appearing in MWS.

I have got some idea but I need some more information about on this.

I am building services in 7.x version but “pub.monitor.service:getCustomData” service is not available in 7.x version.

Please advise me how to develop the code in step by step for auto resubmission of failed services instaed of resubmiiting it in MWS.


How , where are you storing data inputs of the failed flow services ? why the flow services getting failed, are they due to data issue or temporary issues ?


Automatic retry can be either don within a service by using the repeat step or outside by triggers (or modelled in a BPM process).

You can find details in the Service_Development_Help, look for

Repeat Step

Fatal Error Handling
Transient Error Handling
for JMS and for webMethods Triggers

You may want to do additional notifications if you use those methods, as this way no standard error messags is sent.