Auto refresh in Layout Painter

Is there an option within NaturalONE that controls the refresh of page layouts when changes are made. Currently within the Layout Painter, when I modify a property, the page layout is automatically refreshed. When modify a large number of properties on a page that has many controls, the 7 to 10 seconds per property can really begin to add up. I have been looking for an option that restricts refreshes to the clicking of the Refresh Preview button but I have been unsuccessful in find one. Does this option exist? If it does not, has anyone else found this to be a speed bump and found a way to minimize the impact?

Thank you.

Todd Beckwith

Hi Todd,

The bad news is: I don’t know of any way to disable the autorefresh of Layout Painter in the current versions. Autorefresh is a nice feature for single changes. But when changing a large number of propetries it’s not very convenient.

The good news is: This has also been requested by another customer. I can’t promiss anything, but chances are very good that switching on/off autorefresh will make it’s way into future versions of Layout Painter in NaturalONE.

Best Regards,

I was afraid there wasn’t a way as I spent way too much time looking for one. Anyway to get myself on the list of customers looking for the feature. Not that I have much weight to put behind the cause but maybe every little bit helps. :slight_smile:

Though you are not the bearer of good news, thank you Christine for your prompt and helpful response.

Todd Beckwith