Custom controls

Within my company, there is a certain level of dissatisfaction with the existing calendar control within NJX. The size of the control, the reliability of it displaying the calendar when clicking on it, the position the calendar appears on the screen, and the fact that on repeated use, Firefox displays a dialog to prevent it from popping up are some of the issues. I have been tasked with seeing if it is possible to use another calendar control within a NATPAGE. This control is from [url][/url]. Is it possible to make a control like this available within a NATPAGE? If so, could someone point me in the right direction for documentation that would help me understand how to get this accomplished.

I don’t see much information in ONE or NJX documentation on custom controls but ONE documentation does have a link to Application Designer documentation. Are the concepts documented in the Application Designer documentation applicable to development in ONE?

There is a “Control Editor” tool available at http://server:port/cisnatural/HTMLBasedGUI/workplace.ide.html. Is there a similar tool within ONE?



Hi Todd,

Regarding Custom Controls in general:
In ONE the Control Editor tool is not yet integrated. One reason for this is that the creation of custom controls with data binding to Natural has not been documented as supported feature yet.
For creating custom JavaScript/HTML controls (without data binding to Natural Adapters) with NATPAGEs you can use the following documentation:

Regarding the Datepicker::
I agree, the Datepicker could be enhanced. I recommend to add corresponding enhancement requests, so that we can work on the most important/requested enhancements.
The datepicker which comes with Application Designer is tied to the corresponding data types and controls. You can probable create an own control with your own datepicker. But then you would have to implement all the nice features of the corresponding input control. Currently there is probably no simple/compatible way to apply a datepicker of your choice and keep the other features of the input control. Controls are not only about rendering, 1 important aspect to consider is also the databinding to Natural.
To my mind: A corresponding “datepicker” enhancement request would be the better solution.

Thanks + Best Regards,