Custom control on layout designer


I developed a custom control and everything works fine in runtime, but i can´t show it on layout designer in development time.

It´s possible to show a custom control on layout designer? if yes, how i can do it?

Hi Frederico,

do you see it in the control palette of Layout Painter?
If not, please have a look at the NaturalAjaxDemos. They also contain custom controls. Open the editor_nadc.xml file. Then search for “taggroup”. You’ll find something like:

for each of the custom controls. This means: In the control palette of Layout Painter there will be a group “NJXDemos” and in this group the custom control will appear.

Or does your control is not rendered in the preview? If you wrote a custom control using Java Script then you need to switch to “HTML Preview” because your control is only implemented for html.

Best Regards,

Hi Christine,

Switch to “HTML Preview” solved my problem.