Page Layout Problem

This probably boils down to a lack of knowledge on my part. I’ve worked with Natural for some time but am rather new to Ajax and I am struggling with making a page layout appear the way I’d like it. My goal is to have two rows. Each row has one label and one input field. The label is right aligned and the field is left aligned in reference to the center of the page. I’ve tried a number of different things with no success. I am able to make it appear as I’d like it within NaturalONE and via the “Preview in New Browser Window” feature within NaturalONE, but once I open it in Firefox or Internet Explorer, the labels shows up as right aligned in relationship with each other but on the left side of the screen. I have attached screen shots of each browser and the code as it currently stands.

Any idea what it is that I’m doing wrong? Does anyone know of a good link to a tutorial on designing page layouts? Thank you. (299 KB)

Hi Todd,
can you provide the page layout you are using?
On a label you have 3 properties: align, valign and textalign.
align and valign will align the field/label within its container, textalign is used to align the content of the field.
Maybe you have a problem with this.

Thanks for the followup Jan.

The page layout is in the bottom of the RTF attached in the first post. It contains one of the last layouts I tried. Ultimately, I’ve fixed the problem. It linked back to setting the ITR to takefullwidth=“true”. For some reason, with this set, the page looked fine in the preview page layout within NaturalONE but did not in Firefox/IE. Once I removed this property from the ITR, the appearance became consistent between the applications and I was able to revert back to one of my earlier and more simply page layouts successfully. I’m still not sure what takefullwidth is suppose to do, but it obviously wasn’t doing what I thought it would.