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Am I missing something when it comes to Formula Editor? I create a NATPAGE and add three fields:


But when I click on test_c then select “Insert/Edit Formula” and get to the point to select fields for use in the sum function, no fields are available.


Formula Editor documentation indicates “The formula editor only works with fields that have valid declared properties on the adapter side.” but I’m not sure I understand what this means as the adapter is generated automatically. I also tried searching NJX examples and couldn’t find a page where the formula was set.

Is Formula Editor applicable to NATPAGE and if so, what might I be missing?

Hi Todd,

I see the same problem in NaturalONE.

Workaround would be to open the layout in an xml editor and add the formula attribute manually. Example

To my mind formulas work limited with NATPAGEs. You need to take care for the correct datatypes yourself. You don’t get design time warnings, just runtime errors the datatypes don’t match. Formulas are not used often. We also did not add any example for it to the NaturalAjaxDemos.

At a first glance it looks like a bug in the formula editor. If you would like a fix for this, please add a corresponding support request.

Please let me know if the workaround works for you.

Thanks + Best Regards,

Sorry, the xml got lost, here it is:

Best Regards,

Editing the XML directly appears to work well enough for my needs. Seeing the syntax for the formula was very helpful. Thank you Christine.

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