Audit user id to changes in Clearcase

We are running IS 6.5 SP3 as a service under Local System account, unable to check files in or out. We are using Developer 6.5 SP4, anc Clearcase 7.0. We need for Clearcase to keep an association between changes made and who made the changes. Seems like that may be a challenge with wM right now?

When we started IS from the command line with a user account that is known to VCS, it is that user’s ID that gets logged in Clearcase for changes. This system seems like it would work well if the person doing the development was running the IS on their laptop. We however are using a shared IS for development. In a shared IS development environment, using Clearcase, how can we get the actually user id that made the changes to be associated in Clearcase with the change made? (Not the ID that is running the IS?)

The best doc that I have found so far is

Page 35 “Working with a Windows System”:

When the VCS client is on a Windows system, the system provides the credentials of the currently logged on Windows user by default when VCS commands are submitted if no other user credentials are defined. Therefore, if the user credentials for the Windows system are the same as those of a VCS user, that Windows user will be able to check files in to and out of the VCS server even if a VCS user has not been defined for that user. For example, suppose you log on to Windows as user Pamela with a password of 1234X. You then log on to Developer as user Dev01 with a password of ABCD1. If you have a VCS user Pamela with a password of 1234X, you will be able to access the VCS repository even though your Integration Server user is not mapped to your VCS user. However, VCS Integration feature will have no Integration Server user to record in the VCS revision history transaction and will record only the VCS user.