Async table cell disappears

I have an async table with 3 colums (Column A, Column B and Column C).
The controls in the table are all Dropdowns. The values (Choices) for the Dropdowns can be mocked.
New rows can be added to the table (see tableOutline.jpg).

When the value in Column C changes I want to make a refresh on the other two dropdowns (Column A and Column B) on the same row. For this in the Client-Side Events > Change of columnCDropdown I have the following javascript:


When I first load the page and I add a few rows the table looks ok (see tableInBrowser.jpg).

After I change the values a few times (try it about 10 times) in a dropdown from Column C (the above javascript is executed) some of the dropdowns in Column A and Column B disapear (see tableInBrowserBAD.jpg).

Does anyone know the reason for this strange behavior?


Hi Vlad,
Could you try to “wrap” your dropdown controls inside hideable panels (or inline hideable panels) and refresh these instead?
I find this approach has the advantage of “hiding” the “loading” message, and I believe your dropdowns will be there after the refresh.

hope this helps,

The bug also reproduces when I wrap the Dropdowns in HideablePanels and refresh the HideablePanels.

Solution does not work.


well, then the only other “workaround” i can think of is to add an async hidden command that refreshes the hideable panels, and inside your javascript you call


If this does not work then i think the best next address would be support :frowning:

best regards,

Did anyone solved the issue?
Still facing the same exact problem!

tried everything, javascript + async, raiseOnChange + async

Can’t get a clue, pls!


Could you please attach your sample application so i can try out a few other possibilities?