AS2 text/plain (Flat File)

Hello everyone,

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

We have a client sending data via an as2 connection and the data is text/plain or in other words a flat file.

Seems I cannot have TN recognized it as a document flat file document i have created, any insight or help on this would great.

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Use a “TN gateway service” and provide hints to TN as to what the document type is. In other words, you tell TN what the doc type is rather than TN doing doc recognition.

Are you receiving AS2 directly to EDIINT:receive?

Does all the Sender/Receiver/DocType showing as “unknown” when the payload extracted?

Either way you need to use routeFlatfile service for TN to recognize the flat file doc type and so if atleast the sender/receiver recognizes and it invokes the rule/processing service where you can extract content and convert to Stream to map it to routeFlatFile service thus it can get recognized in TN:


Yes we are using AS2 EDIINT:rec
Yes the sender Rec and document type show as unknown.

Would you have an example of the process or flow i can use?

Thank you,
Marlon Rea