AS2 FlatFfile via TN

Hi All,

I am having a flat file which I am trying to send it to my partner Via TN. Below is what I tried.

I am trying to use EDIINT send for this as I can have option of data encryption. I have created a processing rule which takes the flat file and calls the sendEDIINT service. First time when I route the flat file I am routing it using service with SenderID, ReceiverID, DoctypeName and $contentType fields in TNParms. I see that processing rule it kicking off and I see the content too. It says that sendEDIINT service is called and completed too. But the next log it is doing to TN after calling sendEDIINT service gets Aborted and says ffdata is not found in the pipeline. In the sendEDIINT service I am taking input as bizdoc and Content from it can passing it to wm.EDIINT:send service. I see that All the inputs are passed to the wm.EDIINT:send service. Content is mapped to Stream in the input but I also tried to map it to ffdata and pass it as it was complaining tha ffdata is not found in the pipeline which was of no use.

Can I know if this approach is correct in the first place ? I tried to do direct Delivery By Preffered protocol in the processing rule which is sending the file but receing error as Client cannot recognize it without Header and also I cannot encrypt the data. If it can be done this way can I can anyone tell me what peice I am missing.

I believe you cannot send flat file content type via EDIIINT:send service.

Please review the EDIINt module userguide for the supported content types (EDI,XML,Multipart/pkcms etc…) and see if any customized content handlers are allowed.


Thanks RMG. Is it possible to convert that FF to Bizdoc and post it to TN ? While I was trying to do the EDIINT Send earlier when I have routed the FF to TN and invoked it SendEDIINT service from the processing rule it was unable to process it but when I did a reprocess from TN it was able to send the file to Partner just by calling the Send EDIINT service. I thought may be because it is a Bizdoc by the time I reprocessed it was able to send it. I was thinking if in the first case I can convert it to Bizdoc and post it to TN it can just do the same process that it does to EDI file.