(ARG0401) Cannot find language library

I get a premature exit during the installation saying "
The CentraSite Repository database could not be created. ". And the System Management Hub is installed properly.

After looking at the logs I can see the above error. Could someone please tell me how to check whether the [1],
* The language library requested by the product does not exist.
* The language library requested by the product is incorrectly registered.

I have submitted the logs in, http://tech.forums.softwareag.com/viewtopic.php?C=&p=45781#45781

It has been almost 2 weeks now, since I started installing Centrasite. (Never failed this long, while installing a software: quite a new experience to me :slight_smile: )





open a support request. You may have a conflict with another installed product or your registry may be corrupted.

thanks for the reply.

I think you are right. I’d done the hardway. I reinstalled windows :). Then once I install the Centrasite, it worked like a charm.

thanks again.