System Management Hub will not start after disk failure

The /taminodata volume went to 100% because of a run away apache file. This caused both of our Tamino databases to crash. The run away file has been trimmed and we now have space. However, I cannot get the system management hub to come back up. The error I am getting is (ARG0401) Cannot find language library (language resource not installed for product.: /hostlist.xml I get the same error when I try to connect via argbatch. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Hello due the disk full situation, the registry was damaged: $SAG/common/rgs/REGFILE please recover from your last valid backup. Best regards Cristian Bettendorf XMLi R&D Project Leader ISF and System Management Hub Software AG Uhlandstrasse 12 64297 Darmstadt Tel.: +49-6151-92-1703

Thank you. That worked. Appreciate the help –