(ARG0401) Cannot find language library (language resource no


i have launched a request which have crashed my database. Some “core” files were created and my filesystem was full.
Therefore, when i tried to restart the smh (i’ve got a script which do: common/arg/bin/argsrvs.bsh start, sagxts.sh start, apache2/bin/apachectl start), I’ve got the folling error :
(ARG0401) Cannot find language library (language resource not installed for product).

And when i try to enter into the smh, i’ve got a pop-up with the same error and that ligne :
Check whether MIL server is started.

I can’t work.
Please, help me.


could you please contact your local support center for further assistance.
If you should not know where your approriate support center is, please send me an email.

Thank you

Thomas Stelzer