Are there error logs that can be accessed to help with debugging an applcation?

I have run into a few situations where we get stuck in our AgileApps development because there is an error occurring within the application, but we do not have any visibility into the error.

An example of this was in an application when we had set the Status field to read-only, with the idea that we would change the Status only from within processes and business rules, rather than let users change it on their own.

We created a Macro that did some business rules, which included changing the Status field to a new value.

When we ran the Macro, the Status field would never change. We eventually found out that a Macro runs in the role of the user who is executing the Macro. Since the Status field was read-only for that user, the attempt to change the Status field did not work. We found this out from the support group.

I am wondering if there is some logging in AgileApps that would allow us to see that kind of error.

So the general issue is when something is not working like you would think, is there a way to see any kind of error conditions that are occurring within the application?


Could you share how did you set the status field as read-only? Is it like, in the form designer you set the status field property as ‘read only’ or through other means?

We set the Status field to be read-only for all users in the field definition, in the category of “Role Based Permission Control”.

Our plan was that the system would control all changes in Status, not the users.

Hi Howard

You can use Business rule to achieve this.

Thanks for everyone’s responses.

I want to be clear that the example I gave of the Status field was solved a while ago.

What I am looking for is a way to get an error message when these types of errors occur.

If, at the time we were working with the Status field (back in March), we had received an error message that said “you tried to change the Status field, but the Status field is a read-only field”, we would have quickly figured out our problem.

We are currently having a different problem that we are working with support on. In this case, we are not able to save data for an object, but we get no error condition, it just doesn’t work.

So I am looking for a general solution to how to discover errors when something just “doesn’t work”, with no indication of why it does not.

Hopefully that is clear.

Hi Howard,

Changing status field can be done by invoking business rule, process or by executing java class.

You can check errors in
1.Developer Resources ->Debug logs
2.Monitoring ->Audit logs inspect in browser(rightclick->inspect or clicking F12)

we are not able to save data for an object, but we get no error condition
This problem comes when you make field as required at field level and it is not included in the form. At this point, you are not able to add record/data to an object(no error will be thrown but by inspecting you can check this error).

Shashank G

Hi Shashank,

Indeed, based on feedback from Software AG support, it was a problem where a field that was required at the object level was not on the form.

This error did not show up anywhere that I could tell.

The Developer Resources → Debug Logs are specifically for JSP of Java Classes. In this case, it was a standard AgileApps form so there were no entries there.

Monitoring → Audit Logs did not show any errors.

Inspect in Browser: When we did that, the error that I saw was “500 - Internal server error”, which I had no real way of interpreting it.

Was there an error I missed somewhere?


Hi Howard,

when you make field as required at field level and it is not included in the form
Our team is working on this issue to solve.

yes, you can view an error description by inspect (rightclick->inspect)-
1.In this stage, you will see 500 internal server error.
2.By clicking on network tab->click the error under Name tab-> click Response tab to see a description.

For this error, you will see something like -
{“exception_msg”:"[{“fieldId”:“name”,“message”:“Enter name”}]",“done_request_failure”:false}

Shashank G

Hi Shashank,

Thanks very much, this is very valuable information.