Arabic Handling in a Flow

We have IS 6.5 running in Linux Red Had ES 4 and I have made a Flow that reads a file and sends to clinet via calling client WebService.

In Unix Flavours Arabic character looks like garbage but if we get same data to Windows, we can see Arabic characters again.

When Flow service reads a file as bytes and converts to String, Arabic data is shown as garbage characters and also send to Webservice as garbage.

Any Idea, suggestion please.

Which encoding is used by your wm system as well as your client web service provider? You both should agree upon an encoding.

When you see garbage it doesn’t mean that you got garbage data. You need to change some settings for the developer so that it shows such characters properly.


First I really Thanks you for your reply,

I am using UTF-8 encoding. How to modify encoding in Developer so it shows corrrect characters.

My Client is using .Net WebService.

Have a look at this: to change developer settings.
You can try the encoding: ISO-8859-1 if UTF-8 is not useful.


I read the link but I have one question. There are many JRE lib directories, which one I will do the modification. Also link says that change the to Do I have to change the same file or different because I could not find for Arabic under lib.

One more thing, I am connecting to IS from my Windows Developer. I appreciate your help.

I also try encoding you sent me, My service sending empty data to my client WebService.


With the Will of God First and then after your help, I am able to resolve the issue.

Now my service is reading the file with CP1256 (Handles Arabic Character) encoding and creating node with utf-8 encoding.

Thanks again for your support


hi I am working on 10.3

when I do a getsoapMessage in the hander service i see the arabic characters as ???.

Could anyone please suggest how to retain .

However when i do a addbody block and pass the required fields the characters are preserved…