ApplinX Entity - Export/Import


In ApplinX workbench, upon selecting one entity (e.g. Path) for export from repository - all application entities are generated in the export file.

Thereafter import of the export file overwrites any pre-existing entities in the target repository.

Could it be happening owing to the Application Map (steps are yet to be approved) ?

Please suggest how we could export individual entities without getting majority of the components. This is important for integrating components being developed/modified (seperate components) by multiple individuals.

ApplinX Version: 8.0.1

Thanks in advance


it is a known problem in 8.0.1 which will be fixed in the next versions.

Hi Tanya,

Is there a workaround to this ? Is this fix defined for release in the immediate future ? Also, is there hot fix mechanism to get this resolved ?


There is a workaround: export your entity and all it’s reffering entities into an empty application, delete all the references (assume the not needed references in your case would be the map steps), export the no longer reffering to anything you don’t want entity and import it to your application.

Hope it helps,