ApplinX/SOA application versioning - best practises?

Hi there

I have been working on ApplinX/SOA projects since years but just got this nasty question from a prospect who is currently evaluating ApplinX/SOA:

“How does ApplinX designer handle version control in Eclipse - like eg. ClearCase, The assets that are developed in the designer - are they in the workspace like all other things Eclipse or are they only in the repository?”

I think I know the answer:

  • All objects reside in the repository database.
  • Eclipse-based versioning tools can not be used.
  • The only current development/deployment integration is with CentraSite which can be used to check references to mainframe screens, services etc.
  • In a development environment involving many ApplinX developers and multiple concurrent development projects on the same ApplinX application - the ApplinX admin must export the application to GXZ regularly. Re-storing from such a GXZ file can be done only on object selection level - not by sub-project name, version number or such.
  • Similarly, you can not deploy or fallback by sub-project name, versions etc.

Does anyone know of a better answer I can give?

Hi Bjarne,

You are right. ApplinX project is based on a server repository and not on Eclipse resource project.
Versioning can be done by exporting GXZ files for the whole repository or for sub entities.
If the customer would like to have regularly exports (without using eclipse) it can be done using the export batch file. See in ApplinX documentation the topic Export Batch File