Apache Security

:shock: Hi all :shock:

is there anybody who has some examples or tested Apache mod_security in combination with ADABAS SOA Gateway?

P.S. Or some kind of user authorization

I don’t want to invent the wheel again

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SOA - Dago


As add-on:

How can I prevent users who should only use the Adabas SOA Gateway as “application users” and not as “client administration users” from accessing adminstration functionality, i.e. application user should not be able to use administration functions like import, export, create resources and so on.

Any advice is welcome


Hi Dago,

We’re currently working on a document which will outline exactly how the ASG security is going to work, and very soon after that I’m going to get down to work on it’s implementation.

Some of the things we’ve already investigated:

-> We plan to use Apache SSL ( not mod_ssl )
-> All the ASG configuration is channelled through a WS endpoint, which is served by Apache. What we will do is restrict users accessing this Apache URL.

Does this make sense?

:DHi Brian:D,

this make sense.

If possible, is this information available for internal usage?

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:smiley: Hi Brian :smiley:

just a question to the Apache SSL.

Do you know or do you consider if there are issues of Apache SSL due to any export restrictions?

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Dago, I’m quite sure there are export restrictions with the Apache SSL. We are currently working on a standard implementation of this for ASG and we will specifically work towards enabling ASG to be delivered with and without SSL security for that reason. One thing that is interesting is that we in Ireland will have less restrictions than you in Germany so this is something that will perhaps allow us more flexibility into the future

I install ADABAS SOA Gateway on a z/OS and it work.
I will security this service but i don’t know about APACHE Security.

Can somebody help me?
It will be helpful wen i can see some examples.

Then i can make installation, tests and give my feedback.

Best Regards, Bernard.


I will send you some information (will be included in the ASG documentation soon) offlist.