ADABAS External Security Interface

When accessing ADABAS on os390 I received response code 208 from ADABAS requesting a security signon.

How do you signon in this situation ?
I had to remove the ADAESI module from the ADABAS MPM to continue my test.


Can you tell me which version of Tamino are you using?

Originally posted by Stuart Fyffe-Collins:
Can you tell me which version of Tamino are you using?

The version of Tamino is


I believe with this version of Tamino it should work. If you are using Apache as the webserver then you need to define user id/password. For the mainframe side you need Adabas v7, preferably EntireX X-Hub should be used as this is the offical product to allow Tamino to connect to Adabas on the mainframe - this product also requires Adabas v7.

Sorry I’ve no real experience at configuring this. If you can tell us more about the configuration/versions of products used (adabas, webserver, entire net-work - do you have x-hub?) maybe someone can help further.

Hi Stuart, was this ever figured out? The state of Alaska is trying to do the same thing, ie, query adabas via tamino x-node and pass username password to ESI and/or ACF2.

Hi Shane,

Sorry I don’t have any more information for you as the mainframe is not really my field of experience. I believe this should work with Tamino v3 and Adabas v7 with Entire X-Hub. Is this what your customer is using? I think the other thing is to configure the webserver to challenge the user for a username and password, so that this is passed on via XTS to ESI.

Kind regards, Stuart