ADABAS (in mainframe) access.

We want to access ADABAS in mainframe from Tamino 4.1.4 installed in Windows 2000 server.

Can any one please let me know in what different ways can we access.

Any help is appreciable.



here is a short description of what you need to set up or configure:

Mechanism: Tamino X-Node

You need remote access to your ADABAS Database. Usually this means you need a Entire Net-Work connection to ADABAS.

Tamino uses XTS to communicate to ADABAS. If you use Entire Net-Work, you need to set up a XTS proxy, which “translates” XTS to Entire Net-work and provides the Connection between the two.

If all is set up correctly (please refer to documentation of Entire Net-Work and the XTS documentation coming with Tamino), you should be able to see the proxy and the ADABAS Database in the Entire Net-Work console.

Definition in Tamino:
You have to set up a Schema which Accesses Data from Adabas. Please refer to the Documentation on X-Node of Tamino

So, in short:
-Set up Connectivity
- Entire Net-Work
- XTS-Proxy
-Define Schema in Tamino

hope this helps,


Hi Timm,

Thanks for your information it is helpful for me, I was just wondering if using Entire Network is a must or can we also access directly through TCP/IP or any direct communication?


I am not up-to date on this (I worked with it 2 years ago), I remember there was an ADABAS Version (7?) on MF which had direct TCP/IP access. In this case you only need to configure XTS, no Net-Work, no XTS proxy. And set up the TCP/IP access to ADABAS first, which is the mayor part of the work.

But I am not sure if there is still this direct access, so with Net-Work you are on the safe side - and it will work for any ADABAS on any platform.