Ansi X12 214 to Edifact D97A IFTSTA

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I’m trying to map an ANSI X12 214 Message to EDIFACT D97A IFTSTA but am having some major problems, does anyone have any examples of an inbound 214 and outbound IFTSTA message that I can take a look at or speadsheet of what data should go where?




Please can you elaborate on that major problem that you are facing,since it helps everyone to respond accurately.I bet someone might have faced that similar problem and have resolution.


Thanks for the comment RMG, the problem I guess at this stage is not one of mapping, but one of establishing where the data arriving in the inbound X12 214 document, should be mapped to in the outbound EDIFACT D97a IFTSTA as these two messages relate to shipments?

I am attempting to create a spreadsheet that contains the inbound message data, with where it should be placed in the outbound message data?

I hope that clarifys it a little more… it might appear confusing, but then I am confused :slight_smile:



You should try to ask the sending company for a copy of their spec for the X12 214 and the UN/EDIFACT D7A draft documents. One thing is that even though you have where to put some of your data you may not be sending the correct information. Some of the codes may mean different things across documents and so their specs will outline exactly how all needed pieces translate. That is my biggest issue with work from document to canonical and even with the same “standard, transaction” and only slightly different versions.
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Yemi Bedu.

Thanks Yemi, I agree with your comments. I do have the specs here for both document types and like you said there is a vast difference between segments, code lists etc. That is the problem that I am having, trying to work out what one qualifier in one message means and how it relates to the other document type.

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We also use 214 Transport Status messages, as far as I know we are interested in some set of Transport Messages like appointment data, pickups and delivery’s. The following is some of our Mandatory elements in the inbound 214’s which may help you.

IB Field Name - EDI Segment - Also refers to(In our System)
ShipmentID - B1002 - Trailer Load Num
CarrierCode - B1003 - Carrier Code

Every carrier have their own approach, but in the Inbound case you have the upper hand of telling them what you want, the above examples may or may not help you, but if you still have a specific field in mind please post it.


Hi Muru,

Thanks for the response, and for the info. I guess my problem is also made bigger by not having worked with X12 for many years, and never having had much to do with logistics

Thanks again