Alternative options to install and update Designer? Eclipse Update Sites / Oomph installer?

Hi all,

are there other options to install and update Designer than with SAG Installer and Update Manager?

Are there update sites - online or as a ZIP file? Is it possible to use Oomph Installer / Eclipse Installer?

If not: Is it planned to provide such options?


IINW and as per my knowledge there is no other option to install SAG Designer (proprietary to SAG for Service, UI Development etc.,) its via installer or the image file/online download. There are update sites available for eclipse but not for SAG Designer.

We can ask them for a feature request via SAG brainstorming.

If I remember right there were some update archives for designer available from either Empower or TechCommunity Download sections.

But I am not sure if they are up-to-date by now.