SAG Designer 9.10 - no EJB wrapper...

Afternoon all,

We have recently upgraded our designer from 8.2 to 9.1.
We solely use the EJB wrapper in our EE applications, but I notice there is no EJB wrapper in the new version.
Is this merely something we’re not licensed for, or has it been replaced and if so, what is the alternative?


Hi Garth,

might it be possible, that you have overlooked something while creating the Installer Image or during Installaiton?

The component you are looking for might have been renamed and/or moved in the product tree.

See Installation Guide for further information.


Thanks, according to the documentation, since Exx 9.9 - EntireX Wrapper for Enterprise JavaBeans. It is
no longer possible to enable Java-based
components to access an EntireX RPC server
using Enterprise JavaBeans.

There doesn’t seem to be a replacement listed either.

I have in the interim backed out my upgrade, and i’ll have to see how to implement the using Java RPC Client (Bean compliant) option