Using EntireX with Toplink

Hi All.

We are currently rolling out a bunch of oracle stuff via web-apps using JDeveloper and Toplink. We need to be able to leverage our legacy Natural Adabas systems too though.

I know that if we had the SQL gateway thingy it would be reasonably easy, but costs seems to be an inhibiting factor here. So we would like to try to use our existing EntireX setup.

Any ideas/comments/points to documentation would be greatly appreciated.


I had to google “toplink” to find out what it is. <:o)

Since JDevleoper and Toplink are Java based you can call EntireX using the EntireX ACI for Java or an EntireX Java Wrapper. I don’t understand why you would need to use SQL unless this is a Toplink requirement. Using the EntireX Java interface should be as easy as using the SQL Gateway.

I just did a little Toplink reading. It seems that you could expose your systems developed with NATURAL and ADABAS to Toplink as EJBs. Would that work for you?

Hi Wayne.

Yeah, EJB’s would be a big start in the right direction. Could you perhaps point me to your information (Any ideas as to how to expose Natural via EX as EJB’s would be quite helpfull too).

Many thanks.


Here’s where you can find the documentation on EntireX support for EJB (based on the EntireX documentation CD).

For version 7.1:
From the documentation home page choose EntireX Developer’s Kit and then choose Enterprise JavaBeans Wrapper.

For version 7.2:
From the documentation home page choose EntireX Developer’s Kit and then choose EntireX Enterprise JavaBeans Wrapper.

I am not a Java developer and I have no personal experience with EJB. All I can do is point you to the documentation.