EntireX Upgrade VSE Broker and Designer

We are currently on EXX 7.2.2 (zVSE).
Other than a minor upgrade to 7.2.3 there is no V8 upgrade for zVSE.

We run the EntireX Broker on the mainframe. Also running NATURAL RPC Server.
Running “.NET” rpc server on Windows side.

However can we update the SDK (i.e. Designer or Workbench) on windows to 8.2.2 or something???

Hi Gene,
sure - the VSE version is compatible with the newer Windows/Unix versions. I suggest using 9.0.1.

Thanks Rolf.
Do we have to upgrade “.NET” RPC servers to V9 or can we leave as is? Conversions needed?
Also we are planning on installing new “XML” RPC servers and would probably go direct to V9.
Finally we are running NATURAL RPC servers on mainframe. I assume we can leave those as is. Correct?

In general there is no need to upgrade all components - as long as you don’t want to use new functionality of course.

So it should be fine to upgrade only the Designer/Workbench to 9.0 in a first step.