'Allow unspecified fields' not working in WSDL for Document Refs in latest Designer?


We have a document, IngestDetails, that is used by a number of services in our Web Service Descriptor. The document contains a number of fields, including in particular a privateInfo field which is a document reference to a PrivateInfo document. The privateInfo field is to allow additional as yet unknown data to be set, and has the ‘Allow unspecified fields’ flag set to true.

The problem is this. Previously the WSDL generated contained the following:
<xsd:complexType name=“PrivateInfo”>
<xsd:any processContents=“lax”/>
<xsd:anyAttribute processContents=“lax”/>

However, since upgrading to the latest Designer ( and Integration Server (, the generated WSDL now contains this snippet instead:

[/size][COLOR=black] <xsd:complexType name=“PrivateInfo”[SIZE=2][SIZE=2]>


[/size][SIZE=2][SIZE=2] xsd:sequence


[/size][SIZE=2][SIZE=2] </xsd:sequence>

[/size][/SIZE] </xsd:complexType>

The ‘any’ field has been lost, making it difficult for our generated java client to access any contents of the PrivateInfo it receives.

Has anyone else come across this problem, or any ideas how to solve it?



Edit the generated XSD to add in the any declaration. Not the nicest approach perhaps but relying solely on generated XSDs, WSDLs, code is sometimes not doable/advisable. I think WSDL/XSD-first style of development is generally viewed as a better approach than generating those from code.

Thanks for the tip.