Allow some parts of MWS Admin to support team

Hi everyone,

I tried for a project to allow specific part of MWS Administration Console to the Support level 3 team : Monitor a process and Monitor Task Assignement, Data, Audit View.

So : I created a Static User, I create a role.
On this role I put :

  • Data Level Security : Business Process : The process
  • Access privilegies : { Monitoring / Business / Tasks / Task List management } and { Monitoring / Business / Process Instances } and { Administration / My webMethods / System Settings } is checked by default
  • Functional Privilegies : { Business Monitoring / Process / Stop, Suspend, Resume } and in { Task Engine } for All View Task Data, View Task Info, View Task Audit for each task in this process.

When I’m connecting with this user (I put it in the group), I’m connecting on a page but I d’ont see what I expect (something like the Administrator Account).

I see I have something to define with SysAdmin account, but I don’t know how to do.

Do you have advices for me ?