After rollback from 10.5 to 10.1, JMS triggers are missing

HI team,

We are doing the activity from 10.1 to 10.5 , but due to network issue we rolled back our plan to 10.1 After rollback , we cant see JMS triggers which exists earlier. can someone please assists how to add the JMS triggers.

It seems WmPRT package is missing in both file system and IS


Hi Varun,

WmPRT package is not directly related with JMS triggers in general.

Please check if the WmPRT package got disabled by somne reasons.
Additionally check for your Messaging configuration to Broker or UM, if these are connected correctly.


Also, if WmPRT is missing, perhaps there are other components missing but just have not been noticed yet. Perhaps there are other items missing, one or more which would explain why JMS triggers are not displayed.

It is likely too late now, but one of the guiding philosophies that some follow is to never fallback. Have a plan to do so, but never execute it. Always try to move forward – solve the problems encountered with the new stuff because the goal is to be using the new stuff. Falling back can go astray, as you’re experiencing.

Hopefully you’re able to recover!

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I suggest that you create a support ticket, if this is on Production.
Do provide details on the upgrade approach that you followed and attach the logs.


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Hi Varun, I would also echo with as Holger suggested above and if required open a support ticket for LLE as indicated by KM.

With any upgrade approach (side by side or in place) would be should always keep backup env available in any case. :slight_smile:


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