After migration from 10.1 to 10.5 , SFTP is not working

HI team,

After migration from 10.1 to 10.5 , our server is facing with the SFTP.

Example :
We migrated from the Nonagon to gallium server.

In Gallium server now SFTP is not working ,

I created the new server alias and user alias , but when am testing the user alias , am getting the error as [ISS.0147.9011] Test of SFTP user alias MessageHandling failed. Details: Auth fail

For information : Both SFTP and server is gallium only

can anyone assist please.

Thanks in Advance :slight_smile:

Hi Varun,

did you remember to apply latest Fixes to both the instances during the migration?
There were some issues with JcSch lib used for SFTP connectivity which have been fixed meanwhile.



yes , we had applied the latest fixes during the installation.
Fix : IS_10.5_Core_Fix6


Hi Varun,

did you also check for Infrastructre, CommonLib and SharedComponents updates?

The JcSch lib is part of one of the TPP or TPS fixes.
TPP_10.5_Misc and TPS_10.5_Misc after checking my archive with readmes.


You might would like to upgrade the SFTP connection and change the
SFTP host alias to version 2 and change the โ€œMin DH Key Sizeโ€ config to 2048. Check if this works.

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