FTP connection error while connection From SAP to webmethods

Hi Experts,

We are facing issue while sending a file from SAP file directory to middleware file directory location, could you please help on this to resolve it.

Error :

Error when getting an FTP connection from connection pool: com.sap.aii.af.lib.util.concurrent.ResourcePoolException: Unable to create new pooled resource: FTPEx: The control connection to the FTP server Datastore.XT.ABCDEFGH.com timed out while reading the server reply.

we are facing this issue after we upgrade Cryptographic standards for FTP user account , after onwards we are facing this issue.

Please let me know any one have any idea and suggestions…Thanks Advanced…


The error is on the SAP side (com.sap…) of the file adapter; some answers suggest that this is a permissions issue. An online search gives me a few SAP forum articles; do check them out or write to their support -

This isn’t in scope of the SAG forum, but here are some references -


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