Adding validation codes

Hi all,

Is there a way in WM to add codes for element validations? I have a partner the sends 863 transaction that we need to add element codes so that the data will pass editing. The data is for mill test reports on chemical and physical properties. Some of the test that are performed on the material there is no standard EDI value for so we need to codes for the validation to work correctly.

You can edit the field in the EDI dictionary and add the codes you require.

Being some what new to WebMethods can you please describe how to do this?


which segment of the EDI do you want the codes added to?


We have two segments that we need to add codes to
PSD segment elements 943 and 945
MEA segment element 738

Jeff it’s easy.

Typically the Dictionaries are located under the wmEDIforTN package. That folder will have the following folder structure EDIFFSchema.X12.V4010
You will find a Dictionary and Schemas (T863)in the folder.
Open up the schema and locate the segment and element that you wish to change on the Flat File Structure tab. Note what field the element is Referenced from. For example the ST02 is reference from field 329.
Open the Dictionary and go to the Field Definitions. Scroll down to the desired field (329 in my example). You will see the code list in the properties panel. Add the code you want here.

You will of course have to lock them for edit to be able to make these changes.


Thanks for the help that what I needed


And also make sure you migrate the WmEDIForTN and specific packages that has the EDI schema/records repository after editing the dictionary when you move to different envirements.