Adding fields to a document

Hi All

I added two new fields in my document in IS and I added the same in workflow document editor.But when I see the Implementation module the left hand side of start shows “???” and the right hand side of the mapping shows the new field I have added in the document editor.

I understand that this means the field is not getting mapped and this is the same case with complete . In this case even If i capure the new fields in my Workflow I donot see them in my document in IS,

Do we need to import the document again in the Implementation module?

I am not sure how this should be done?

Appreciate for the help


Hi Krishna,

Try to resync the IS doc to broker once again and then check to see if you have the fields in the workflow designer. If that doesnt work, then you might have to re-import the doc into workflow once again.

Hope this helps.


Thanks Anitha,

I synchronised with the broker first and then changed the document in the document editor in the workflow designer…

I also re- imported the document but , while generation it says

Wrong mapping. Container=AutocodeModMap=AutocodeMod.start_1 <–> AutocodeMod Path=start_1/AutocodingCanonical: Container “AutocodeMod”: No IData attribute name for AutocodingSource
failed to generate code for Implementation Module “AutocodeMod”
com.wm.zeus.pd.rtgen.core.DetailGenerationException: Container “AutocodeMod”: No IData attribute name for AutocodingSource
at com.wm.zeus.pd.rtgen.core.CodeUtils.throwDetailException(

I guess i tried all the options I can think of.