Add permissions to xmlImport.xml


I use the Content export feature of Designer to generate an xmlImport.xml file to be able to deploy the navigational structure and portal pages together with my portlet application. This file does not contain the permissions I configured on these pages using permission management.

How can I add the permissions to my xmlImport.xml file?
It would also be great to include the creation of a role.

I heard that this is possible using xmlImport.xml - But there is no schema or documention on this.

A sample would be highly appreciated.


If you use the Content Migration Admin Portlet in MWS, you can choose the option to export permissions. (The same is true if you use Deployer).

Attached is an older internal document describing xmlImport in a bit more depth.

Hope this helps.

In 8.2, we’ve significantly enhanced the ability to export many runtime assets (pages, permissions, portlets, skins, shells, etc…) into Designer using new project types.
xmlImportFAQ.html (42.6 KB)