Add deploymentset to existing deploymentproject

webMethods IntegrationServer 10.15 fix8

We are currently using GIT (one repo per IS package) and Jenkins to invoke ABE and Deployer for build and deployment

We are using projectautomator to create repositorybased project with deploymentsets, -maps, -candidates.

We want to achieve this structure in the deploymentproject:

–Deploymentset_xxxA (RepositoryA)
–Deploymentset_xxxB (RepositoryB)
–Deploymentset_xxxC (RepositoryC)
–Deploymentset_xxxD (RepositoryD)

When i try to add a deploymentset to existing project (with overwrite=false) i get an error: “…project already exits”.

Is it possible to check if a deploymentproject already exists and add a deploymentset to it using projectautomator or is there other ways to accomplish it?

Br, Tom