Adapter for Apache Kafka

Hi Team,

Request you to please tell me how to download or where i can get WmKafkaAdapter package?

vikas patel

Kafka adapter for webMethods Integration server can be downloaded using the SoftwareAG Installer. It can be found within the adapters section.

You will need access to empower and your empower login should have the rights to download Kafka adapter. You could also try the trail version from techcommunity.

Karthik Babu KS

AFAIK, there is no free trial version available for Kafka Adapter, you have to contact your Software AG Sales Representative or the account manager to provision this adapter on your client empower account.

Thanks Karthik for your solution…

I have installed trail version of 10.2 , in the adapter section there is only three kind of adapter

In WmEntireX , i did not find any adapter connection for apache Kafka

As per my understanding ,WmKafkaAdapter package is only available in version 9.6 ,Please correct me i f i am wrong

Attaching screenshot of 10.2 version for reference

Vikas Patel


there is currently only a version 9.6 for Kafka Adapter, but this one should be supported on all wM versions from 9.6 onwards.