Hi, I’m trying to execute the ADADBS MUPEX Utility with the parameter MUPECOUNT=2, and I’m getting the following Error :

[i]Error-184, MUPECOUNT specification is invalid.

       The file contains a PE and has records.              
       Supply the correct parameter value and rerun the job.[/i]

But in the documentation, it’s specified that PE fields much be empty only for the parameter MUPECOUNT=1

P.S : We work yet with ADABAS 826. Is it a knowed problem which is resolved in the latest versions

Thank you for your support

Hello Marc,
the documentation states another condition under which setting MUPECOUNT=2 is not possible:
If the file is not empty AND has fields with MU option or within a PE group.

In this case one way to avoid this error is to release those descriptors, do the MUPECOUNT change and re-invert the relevant descriptors.

This should be possible also in ADA826.

Kind regards,
Marbod Mueller