Max. Occurences of PE/MU-Fields in a File

Is there an utility, which can calculate the maximal number of
occurrences of PE-Fields and MU-Fields in a database file ?

Andreas J

I have written an utility to aid in MF → OpenSystems data transfers, but one of the things it does is to extract the maximum # of occurrences of MUs and PEs.

What operating system are we talking about ?


thanks for the fast answer.

Can i speek German ?

I search the utility for z/OS.


Andreas J

I will upload the utility over the weekend, will be available here next monday, so watch this space :wink:

The attached file contains a ZIP file including an XMIT-file with the utility as well as a description on how to load and use it.

DDCMM1 will provide MU/PE information as follows:

  • DBID=00195 FILE=00015 NUMREC…2.664
  • SN Type Lvl Max

  • BX MU 001 -
  • LC MU 001 003
  • LF PE 001 005
  • LK MU 001 -
  • LM MU 001 008
  • LW MU 001 004
  • L1 MU 001 -
  • L2 MU 001 -
  • L3 MU 001 -
  • NW MU 001 -
  • NZ MU 001 -

Note: This utility is not an official ADABAS utility and therefore not supported by Software AG in any way !

In case of problems or questions drop me a note at Wolfgang.Winter(at) (7.31 KB)

Hi Mr. Winter,

thank you for the utility. It is exact that we ara looking for.

Andreas J

Hallo Herr Winter,

wir habe ihr ADAMOG jetzt eingesetzt und haben ganz gute Ergebnisse

Doch bei Adabasfiles mit mehreren MU/PE Feldern gitb es einen Abbruch
mit ‘0C1’
und folgender Ausschrift.

+ADAMOG00I: Startup commencing
+ADAMOG03E: ADABAS Rsp 040 from L2 command
+ADAMOG02I: Abnormal end !



It has been 10 years since this thread was updated. Does the ADAMOG work with version 8 mainframe databases? The zip file is still available but I get an 0C7 abend when I try and run it. If there is a replacement for what ADAMOG is supposed to do I would be interested in seeing it.

Dale, it may work with ADA8 as long as no v8 features are used, but as one can guess from the timeline it’s been written well before v8 was available :wink:

It’ll need to get v8-enabled, as noone asked for it in quite some time this wasn’t high on my list,
although it was and is there, I’ll look into it.