Data extract ways

Hi All,

I am looking if it is possible to extract data in a comma separated file on Mainframe using ADAULD/ADACMP combo?

If not, what could be the other ways except writing a Natural program?

ADACMP on Open Systems knows an option called SEPARATOR.

But I don’t know if this options is available on Mainframe…

No, there is not such an option available on mainframe :frowning:

What you can do is to specify with the FORMAT parameter which fields you like to see in which sequence on the seq file. The fields are in the standard length, i.e. alpha fields will be filled with blank if the value itself is smaller. But what you do not get is the ´comma´, this sounds like some programming effort.

Maybe some other customer can help ?

Here’s a similiar discussion - hope that helps:

Thanks for the details!

If I go with ADACMP FORMAT combo may be that could work but the limitation is that it would require application knowledge to know how many occurences for each MU/PE or a program to read the entire file and record the greatest C* value for each repeating group.

Hope I am in right direction :?

Hi Ats,

you are absolutely correct ! That´s another challenge ( :wink: ) for you to overcome.

Maybe this helps:
Run ADACMP DECOMPRESS with format=‘XXC’ (XX is the name of the PE)
and you receive a counter for each record for the occurence of the PE
in hex format.
The maximum of this counter is the maximum occurence of the PE.

So maybe two ADACMP DECOMPRESS steps ?! First to find out maximum PE occurence and then second with this value ?

Someone else who has another idea :?:


The Adabas SOA Gateway would allow you to do that very easily.

With SCC Toolkit you can do that very easily (and it’s free!):
Step 1: Generate a Natural program to produce PE/MU occurrence statistics (except it doesn’t support MU within PE - yet)
Step 2: Generate a Natural program to produce a comma-delimited extract file.