Data Extraction from ADABAS


I am new to the ADABAS Natural, need a help on how to extract the data from ADABAS. What are the possible ways and how PE and MUs will be extracted?


When you refer to “extraction” I assume you mean “unloading” data to transfer it to … elsewhere ?

There are multiple ways to skin that particular cat:

Use Adabas utilities to unload data, this will give you kind of a raw format in a workfile, MUs and PEs are prefixed with count fields

Use Natural to create a workfile, here YOU decide how to handle MUs and PEs

Use the Adabas SQL Gateway to access the database via ODBC / JDBC, here you’ve got two ways of handling MUs, either as separate tables you will need to join, or each MU and PE occurrence will be presented as a separate column with its individual name.

Use the Adabas SOA Gateway to extract data with a SOAP (or REST) call, here you will get the MUs and PEs represented in XML asis (INCOME is a PE and BONUS is a MU within this PE, for example), e.g.


First of all thanks a lot for your reply.

Yes you are rite…my requirement is to migrate the data from ADABAS to oracle.

Please share if you have any examples of ADABAS file and unloaded with utility in the flat file

Please share the sample utility as well with the required parameters.


In most shops, and I presume yours as well, utilities are under the control of a DBA. So, you should have your DBA extract a number of records from the file you intend to utilize.